Open Gym - Tot Time 




Tuesdays and Fridays
10:00-11:00 AM
$7 Per Child

Our Tot Time hour is a fun and exploration hour for children 14 months and older.  If they are moving they can have fun!  This open play time includes independent adventures with their parent or group play activities with learning in mind.  Our stations are set up to encourage children to improve fine and gross motor skills.   Everyone loves Time time….it’s a great way for children to burn off that energy!


Scheduled once a month!

$00 Per Chil

 Our clinics are scheduled once a month.  Clinics are 1 hour long and are designed to assist athletes to improve skills.  We designate the skill or event we are focusing on per clinic or sometimes the athlete has the choice to work on what they want.  This is a great way to get extra training on skills they are struggling with or simply want to improve them.