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Recreational Camps

Ages 5+

Preschool Camps

Ages 3-4

Check out our Preschool Camps!

Super Hero Camp
Pirates and princesses

Under The Sea
Zoo Crew and Cartwheels

Super Hero Camp
Calling all little heroes! Our Super Hero Camp is designed to empower and inspire preschoolers to become their own superheroes. Children will have the opportunity to channel their inner strength and agility through a variety of gymnastics activities, including balance beam battles, superhero obstacle courses, and aerial swings. Through these fun and engaging activities, your child will develop physical and cognitive skills while embracing their inner superhero.

Pirates and Princesses
Ahoy, mateys! Our Pirates and Princesses camp is a magical adventure for preschoolers. Children will embark on a journey through the high seas with pirate-themed gymnastics activities, such as cannonball tosses, plank walks, and treasure hunts. They will also have the chance to experience the royal treatment with princess-themed gymnastics activities, such as tiara tosses, castle climbs, and unicorn rides. Through these imaginative activities, your child will enhance their coordination, balance, and creativity, while developing social skills as they engage in group play.

Under The Sea
Dive into the deep blue with our Under the Sea gymnastics camp. Children will explore the wonders of the ocean through gymnastics activities, such as crab walks, jellyfish bounces, and octopus stretches. They will also have the chance to create their own sea creature with arts and crafts, such as making seahorse hats and shark fins. Through these fun and educational activities, your child will develop gross motor skills, sensory awareness, and creativity, all while experiencing the magic of the underwater world

Zoo Crew and Cartwheels
This camp will focus on two fun and engaging themes: zoo animals and cartwheels. Throughout the week, our little campers will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of zoo animals and will be active doing cartwheels! Campers will join a zoo crew parade and practice cartwheels as they march along.  Our summer camp is designed to be fun, educational, and safe for children. We will have experienced camp instructors who will lead the activities, ensuring that all campers have a great time while learning new things. We can't wait to welcome your little ones to our camp and watch them grow and thrive!

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