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Recreational Gymnastics!

Learn the basics of gymnastics while building strength, flexibility, and new skills!

Research has proven that sports are a vital component of a healthy body and a healthy mind, better behavior and successful academic performance. Our Recreational gymnastics Program provides gymnastics from the basic level to competitive gymnastics in an enjoyable and safe environment. 







About our Classes!

Our Recreational gymnastics classes are designed to encourage learning while having fun doing the sport they love!  This Program provides athletes with the progressional skills on each Olympic apparatus within their designated level.  The Gymstar program encourages to master one level and then advance to the next level.  These levels are set up with intent to provide success but includes challenging skills to form habits to repeat for results.  We, as teachers, praise the process not the end result.  Another goal for Upward Gymnastics staff members is to teach important life skills and successful habits to children so they can take characteristics that matter with them when they leave the sport.


Upward Gymnastics is dedicated to provide quality instruction to promote athletes to move forward and advance their gymnastics ability including strength, flexibility, mastered gymnastics skills on all apparatus.   We teach way beyond just a cartwheel,  our teaching strategies are designed to encourage life long skills such as self-confidence, problem solving, hard work, growth mind set and  success habits through the sport they love!

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